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"Almost Famous part 2"

My Granny was here in '05. She brought with her a woman's magazine (94 year old Barbie!). I flicked through- the photography is generally top notch, and if you inspect the photographs, they will give you ideas about studio and natural lighting, posing models, allegorical picture-stories, depth of field, lens choice, subject position and such. I tore this one out cause I liked the lens choice, model position and expressions, and the legs.

I've been interested in old architecture, social history and trouble causers. I've visited the Greensboro (sit in) NC cafe. Rosa Parks, famous for not going to the back of the bus, died last year. The Windsor is likely to come down soon. It has some (now unlit) period signs that state that unescorted women did not go to drinking establishments.

It clicked: What if I merge the idea of a defiant Rosa Parks, 1950's social values with New Westminster, and have a young woman defiantly doing something culturally taboo, with the astonished, repulsed or secretly applauding men in the background? And that's how a pic in a Vogue magazine became my idea for Almost Famous part 2.

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The magazine article!



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