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"Almost Wild One"

As the Outings Coordinator for the New Westminster Photography Club, I have to come up with interesting and fun outings for a variety of club members and photographic tastes. Also, I like old cult movies, one of my favourites being Marlon Brando's "The Wild One". A recent club outing asked participants to recreate a photo of a person, place or event that existed (the idea for the outing was inspired by my attempt to appear as Lenin), or a person, place or event that may have happened. Having access to an Edwardian apartment building (Arundel Mansion) helped!  My group decided to use an available store front to recreate Bleeker's Cafe, a few props from the Salvation Army (and two accommodating and talented member actors) and we were off back to 1951... I wish my old '52 Triumph 650 was in one piece, rather than many- we could have done so many more stills from the movie...

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