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Drive-in movie in the back yard?  Why not? We should learn not to be sceptical of Justin's ideas; he always knows they will work before he executes them.  He gathered the ingredients: a camera club friend with a digital projector, the stereo, speakers, and DVD player on flat surface supported by the sidecar... a blank stucco wall...

The movie?  Dr. Strangelove of course, with a perfect summer evening for a drive-in.  Nachos and popcorn for the intermission. Have a look:  Click on any image to enlarge and use your browser BACK button to return to this page (to find out how the second movie night went).  

Setting up the audio


Opening credits


"We have to do this again" was the reaction from the audience.  By popular vote, the selected movie was "Star Wars" (the original, (now called IV), NOT the version with "creatures added").   Justin found another platform for the equipment, leaving the bike and sidecar open for seating... (the "canyon" scene through the sidecar window? - too cool).  Other enhancements included a BBQ before, umbrella over the picnic table (kept off the sun and later, the dew), a short game of Pong to set the era, and some entertaining shorts to start. 

Here are a few photos:  Use your browser back button to return to this page.

Setup was just a little different

Justin's main course... he lost a corner to a friend

Remember Pong?

The Pong competitors

Star Wars!

There is a double feature planned for later in the summer, when the nights are a little longer..

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