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"Almost Famous"

At college for the spring semester and breaking my back at a temp labour agency, I could get away growing a beard of sorts. A prof said, "You know, you look like Lenin". I arrived at a job site with a guy called David, and the foreman said, "OH GOD! They've sent me Lenin and Trotsky" (David looks like a young Trotsky). Being offered an interview at BC Ferries, I decided it had to come off, but I wanted a pic of me. I found images of Lenin on Google, found some easy ones to do. Borrowed an old suit, gathered some table lights. Shot with 100ASA colour print film and a Canon AE1 with the help of my friend Darryl. Wal-Mart processing, asked for B and W. Just upped the contrast a bit after scanning and using Photoshop. Just wish I'd found David for a shot of Lenin and Trotsky at their desk.

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