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Black Lightning

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The Story of Black Lightning

Going down 8th Street, I met a man going the same way.  I was roaring down the steep hill at 80 km/h on my motorcycle, he on a single, old-fashioned roller skate.  At the bottom of the hill I asked if he'd like a ride up the hill, in exchange for a few shots.  He agreed; we talked and arranged a photo shoot for the following Sunday, along with members of the local camera club.

Sunday came, and Black Lightning arrived in a blur of colour and rushing wind.  We did a few runs, and we took some pics.  The cops arrived and said this was obviously an arranged stunt - 6 photographers just happened to be around?  We moved on to the hill on Queens.  The police arrived again.  We left for the next municipality, into the land of the RCMP.  We did a few runs down Cariboo hill - and even with an RCMP station at the bottom, we received no further trouble.

We plan to do Scott Road in Surrey, and have done a test run down Hollyburn Mountain - in sub-zero weather and falling snow...


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