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Mexico (and Arizona, Nevada, Utah....)

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Camera on chin, LH shutter


Raccoon man

Raccoon man 2

California border

Failing light

Shoe tree, Nevada

Shots across the border

...Peaceful uses of nuclear explosives

Coming rain

I couldn't live here


Call girl cards

Tropicana, Vegas

Vegas, evening

Grumpy guts

Red light photo op

Failing light, Arizona

Near Ajo



Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Evening light

Collecting lunch for the hotel

No title

Old town

Packing up

I'm outa here

Cliff dwelling

Fire in the sky

A big hole

Small town Utah


                        These images were taken by Shona.  Out of Gas was created and set up by Justin.


Out of gas?

Route 66

Justin and Marty

Eat and bet

One for Julie

Put your dog back

The real wild west



US Icons, Vegas


Wash day in Vegas

Rain in Tonopah


Bikes at sunset


This is huge




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