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Services:  3D stereoviews



I offer the following service to camera clubs and other groups:

I can provide an all in one hands-on lecture, demonstration and workshop of 3D photography- both taking, editing, mounting and viewing, either as a single event, or better, as a two part event.  In the two part event, learners are given simple photo assignments as homework, which are used to create their own Holmes format stereo-views (sometimes called stereograms) in the second part. Learners take home and share their stereoviews with others. Inexpensive viewers can be bought for immediate enjoyment, as well as the use of antique stereoviewers during the class. Class time, duration and place as requested.
E-mail me your questions!



Recreate and be the star: Victorian era 3D photography!  I make traditional Holmes format stereoviews (3.5"x 7") - see above) for viewing with a stereoscope. With the aid of my assistant I offer a full service of makeup, selection of period clothes (or bring your own) and use suites in a heritage building as a period set. Be the shy lover/s the betrothed, the saucy French maid or whatever persona you or your partner desire to capture in real 3D.



Looking for a special way to capture life's great milestone of the coming of a new generation?  Ordinary photos only record a flat 2-dimensional image; a belly cast is heavy, breakable and awkward to store....

Now you can capture the  the exciting transformation a woman undergoes during pregnancy (perhaps at 4, 6 and 8 months) in 3D!   I can provide multiple copies and an inexpensive and easy to mail viewer so parents and grandparents can be part of the event if at a distance or overseas (my wife and I  mailed multiple stereoviews and the inexpensive viewers to 3 continents).

 If in the Vancouver, BC (lower mainland) area, I can come to you, or use our historic building sets mentioned above.


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Justin Ball


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