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When I say “creative”, I usually mean about the idea or technique. I suppose it’s not really “creative” as I’m often copying someone else idea, and it’s really a case of learning about an old 19thC technique by copying an image or idea or technique. It’s how I learnt about double exposures, long night exposures, studio and natural light, and merging models and existing images. It’s also how I learnt about creating a simple studio and props, as in “Almost Wild One”. I try to stay a purist (or techno-peasant) by trying to stick to film speed, aperture and shutter speed. I also try to crop through the lens. I do scan prints and sometimes crop and adjust contrast in Photoshop.

 I suppose the same could be said of my woodworking, writing, and other skills: keep it simple, learn the old technique…I suppose watching Mad Max- The Road Warrior as a kid has made me gather together skills for a possible post-apocalyptic age….maybe a Gutenberg printing press is next…


"Almost Famous"

Almost Famous 2

"Almost Wild One"

"Beyond Hope Ghost Miners"

Cut along dotted line...

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Wall art hand


warp 9


1 post

Stars and trees

Rock of Ages

4 perspectives

Caught in headlights

Unbroken love



redhead hothead

Tree growing from head, wire through mouth and other photo bloopers

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