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Vancouver BC and area

I was given a copy of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London as a kid, and since then I have always made it a point to visit the “seedy” side of each city I visit. The central core of many cities are the same wherever one goes: the real personality and history of a city is found in its old core, skid row, the red light district. I don’t always shoot that material though…
     I liked the reflected building in the 3rd row, it appears to be on fire (9-11 overtures?), the three periods of architecture in the last reflection, and the combination of iron and concrete with the soft steam and rainbow….it’s so New York with a twist (4th row).
     The first image is a stack of opposites. The area is Oppenheimer Park, the worst area in Vancouver, but with a row of four wonderfully preserved/restored old homes in bright colours in this blighted place, and the image captures a war of politics, ethics and morals.
     I liked the boots, too.


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Lynn Canyon sun and shade

Hey! Read the sign! No stopping!

So he then, like,"whatever"...

Columbia Market

Early morning mist

Good day on the Fraser

mmmm - fish!

Chinese dragons

Spring, and love is in the streets

Urban Peter Pan

Red canoe

3 Eras

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